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Woman with fair skin and blonde hair smiling, mental health therapist

Alsya Rohrer


Alysa Rohrer

Bachelors of Science in Social Work, Licensed Social Worker

Alysa is a Licensed Social Worker in the state of Ohio. She has extensive experience working with children and families. Alysa has worked with individuals and families experiencing complex traumas and seeks to help them find peace and safety. She has met families and individuals in tough times and built strong trusting relationships to help them build upon their existing strengths. She strives to ensure that her clients feel supported and accepted throughout their counseling journey. Alysa acknowledges and understands that each individual has their own needs, experiences and desires and believes in collaborating with her clients to help them achieve their individual goals. 

Alysa has training and experience in child welfare (working with foster youth and families), child development, attachment styles and concerns, family systems, sensory needs, trauma, trauma response, and trauma informed care, substance use, individuals with developmental disabilities and behavioral concerns. 

Alysa uses CBT, a strengths based perspective and motivational interviewing. Alysa understands how each individuals environment and life circumstances impact their lives and seeks to meet individuals where they are. 

Woman with fair skin and blonde hair smiling, mental health therapist

Alysa Rohrer


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