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Calm Sea

Holistic, integrative mental healthcare for the mind, body and spirit.

About Us

Woman with fair skin and brown hair smiling, owner of mental health practice
It is my perpetual hope that we can break down barriers keeping people from accessing compassionate, person-centered mental health treatment. I believe everyone deserves quality care and access to an integrative, comprehensive treatment model. I am passionate about supporting helping professionals in a healthy environment where they can be validated, grow and have a healthy work/life balance.

Krista McCulloch, MSW, LISW-S

Founder and Owner of Anchored in Hope Counseling

Anchored in Hope Counseling LLC is a private practice mental healthcare center in Maumee, Ohio. We serve children, teens, adults, couples and families in the greater Toledo area. We look towards the root cause of mental health symptoms and treat the whole person using innovative therapeutic services. 

Our Mission

To provide access to comprehensive and compassionate mental health services to everyone in our community in order to facilitate healing and empowerment.  We do this by meeting clients where they are at in their healing journey while using an integrative model of care that addresses mind, body, and spirit.

Our Vision

To build a practice that is a safety net for everyone in our community, allowing open and equal access to compassionate, person centered, integrative care without stigma. Our vision for our staff is to create a workplace that fosters growth, self care, and helps support clinicians in doing what they love.

Our Core Values

These are the principles and beliefs that guide and motivate our every decision — as a business and as practitioners.


Acting with integrity means operating in an open, honest, reliable and authentic way both professionally and in our personal lives. This means choosing to do the right thing even when faced with difficult decisions. At Anchored in Hope, we strive to maintain complete transparency with our fees, policies, and procedures. We believe that  integrity fosters trust amongst each other, with our clients, and in our dealings with others. We aim to have a healthy workplace culture that promotes transparency and authenticity in our intentions and communication.


We approach our work with a desire to understand our clients and assist them in gaining insight into who they are and who they want to be, their values and beliefs, and why they are hurting. We do not see our clients as a diagnosis or a problem to be solved rather, as people living out powerful and important stories. We look beyond diagnoses and symptom management to address all factors affecting a client's mental health. We get to know our clients and the perspectives from which they approach life. As a team we aim to be empathetic toward each other and meet each other with grace and compassion, taking into account our unique situations, struggles, and hopes.


We appreciate and respect the diverse experiences, unique stories and cultural differences of our clients and staff and take into account the multidimensional aspects of their lives. We strive to provide services that reflect the context of clients different needs, and  do so in a sensitive and caring manner. We strive to provide a professional, friendly and inclusive atmosphere in which everyone feels safe and welcomed. We utilize a strengths-based approach at all times, focusing on the internal strengths of clients and staff, freeing ourselves from an environment of competition and tension. We know that when we stay hopeful in the midst of our challenges, conflicts, & stress we have an invaluable tool for letting go of frustration. This helps us sustain a frame of mind conducive to effectively dealing with the problem of the moment.


We strive to provide a comforting, professional and friendly atmosphere in which clients feel welcome; an environment conducive to healing.

Our Virtues

  • Prudence: We are professional at all times.

  • Self-Determination: We assist clients in determining what works for them.

  • Justice: We uphold patients’ rights and advocate for them.

  • Fortitude: We encourage patients to remain steadfast in their healing.

  • Temperance: We help patients achieve a healthy balance between legitimate needs and inordinate wants.

Get anchored in hope.

Anchored in Hope Counseling provides compassionate and comprehensive mental healthcare to clients of all ages, gender identities and expressions, religions and belief systems, racial and ethnic ideas, and sexual orientations.

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